Alphabet Telephone

by Andrew Boylan

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music for electric humans


released August 1, 2013

mixed and mastered by John Curley




Andrew Boylan San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Bullhorn Megaphone
Money stay in my pocket, call that mind over matter,
a fatter batting average, I make hits better and faster,
capture what the essence is, spit it embedded in sentences,
pulling weight beyond my age so how old am I in leverAGE,

no handgun I could blow your mind, love to chill but look at the time,
don't go with society, rolling defiantly, I gotta get mine,
I can't be living for a wack cause, (wack cause)
'cause one day I wanna be a block to other kids to chip off,

everybody looks but not everybody sees,
everybody thinks but not everybody dreams,
everybody goes but not everybody does,
saying everybody touch but not everybody love,

i've been there and back and i've seen it, 1, 2, 3, eyes,
the whole world is just exactly what it is in disguise,
nothing be taken for granted I'm saying if it happened I planned it,
wanting the world to understand something so understand this,

it aint nothing if you know what it is, tell the man with the plan he got no control of the kids

you gotta
open up your ears, and
listen with your mind

you aint never seen a dream this big, and I know you feel a beat this sick,
jamming to the future funk eliminates the weaknesses,
its like a bunch of geniuses found agreement on me,
indeed being a leader of peace speaking allegiances, we

getting the people to breathe, by means of audio technique
if you looking for the vibes then you finding what you seek,
if we looking at a mountain ill be aiming for the peak,
if it aint a reason you're alive you need a new seat

y'all be looking at the ground but you aint thinking much,
my crew be looking at the sky because we know whats up,
hold up while the flow goes tough, always stay up like a pogo jump,
open him up and all you find is the positive vibes and a unique touch,

I go hard like mozart, got more truth in 4 bars,
than most rappers have their entire career (that's right)
hey dawg i got that bone, call the shots I don't need no phone,
a nation of speakers is happening here but I'm running the game with an army of ears, look!